Introduction to Liberating Gender and Sexuality Plenary

Continuing text from the Introduction to the Liberating Gender and Sexuality Plenary in 2007. Additional information can be found on my media gallery page.

Why does the Right deliberately choose gender oppression as the fast-track strategy to ensuring domination? 

Why did the Right create a religious arm that would focus on reproductive rights, sexuality, and family and connect those to the idea of patriotism? 

And why does the Left, without declaring it a strategy, quietly use gender discrimination to collude in creating a hierarchical dominance? 

We ask you to consider the question of what is central to the struggle for self-determination and self-defense throughout the world?  And we ask you to consider what stands at the center as a model for domination and violence?

We say there will be no end to war as long as there is systemic and personal violence against women, queers, and children because this is a basic inspirational model for violence worldwide. 

We say there is no chance for justice to be gained as long as women and children are considered secondary objects for ownership and less than human.  This is a foundational model for inequality and injustice. 

We say that racism will not be eliminated unless at the same time sexism is eliminated because they are inextricably related and linked together. 

We ask you tonight to consider broadly the role of gender liberation and the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality through our bodies, our spirits, our lives, our communities, and the world.

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